Read my new review of Writology writing service! is quite an old company in the business of academic writing services, being in competition for ten years now. So, in order to write this review, I had to do a little bit of research about this one.

First of all, I checked out this company’s website and it looked quite professional. After that, I read feedback on Writology and other customer reviews that spoke about the quality of this company’s products.

Finally, I compared its prices with other competitors from this business, reaching to the conclusion that this company is not a cheap one. However, we will talk more about this when the time comes.

The Services

First of all, I would like to say that it was confirmed by many critics and customers that this company is not a scam, its honesty being tested in many ways. Every time, the result was the same. So, begins this review on a high note. Let’s see if it can keep up on the same level.

This company offers writing products of almost any kind. They provide essays, dissertations, research papers, etc., and they claim that they will deliver excellent work.

Moreover, they also offer services such as proofreading or editing. However, although they appear to be capable of writing everything you may possibly want them to, this doesn’t mean that they can do it professionally.

Low-Quality Services

The customers complain about the quality of their papers. In one of the reviews that I stumbled upon, a former client said that he ordered an academic essay on a certain subject. Although there were no grammatical or spelling errors to be reported, the paper was not backed up by any research. This made the customer ask himself if really hires professional writers or teenage students who only use Wikipedia as a source of inspiration.

Unfortunately, this is not the only customer review that I found. A lot of college students complain about this problem. As well as, various professional review website. As an example, I’ll show you one of the expert reviews that I found in the web:

On the other hand, the writing samples on the blog are quite good. Therefore, I cannot tell how they can disappoint their customers when they seem to be capable of decent writing.

In terms of the customer support service, you can start a chat session on However, it is possible that you will chat with a bot.

However, if you call an operator, the chances are that you will speak to a non-native English speaker. This made me believe that this company doesn’t have native English personnel. Unfortunately, the representatives from the customer support call center are not trained to provide answers to questions regarding the quality of their products. They can only assist you during your order and through the payment process.

Prices and Discounts

The prices practiced by Writology are a bit higher than other companies. If you order a random academic essay, you may have to pay about 20 dollars per page. It’s a pity that this company has some issues regarding the academic level writing they deliver.

In addition to these high prices, I must say that this company doesn’t have any discounts to offer to its customers. There are no coupon codes or a promo code on the website.


In conclusion, I will have to agree with the rating and feedback that I found on the Internet. It’s not worth it to pay 20 dollars per page if your essay is lacking some serious research and doesn’t bring any arguments on the table. So, maybe it’s best to stay away from Writology.

Writology review

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