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As a group of 4 people that have recently finished our Master’s programs, we are focused now on shifting to our careers but we must pay tribute to online writing companies. Quite often we found ourselves busy, engrossed in other stuffs, overwhelmed with assignments and even unable to an extent, we preferred specialized help. Often we got scammed and fall prey to numerous essay providers until we reached undergraduate seniors when we got hold of a reputable provider– Due to convenience by this company, we have decided to pen down the review to enable other users get the best provider without having to go through scammers.

They Offer Everything a Customer Could Want

Reason to why we give high MyPaperWriter ratings, is because this provider offered us all writing products we ever needed. We had specialized in different fields with diverse skill sets. This made us order 4 papers for each of us. Below we have highlighted services offered:

Academic Writing

There is a range of products from essay to research papers for every subject at all levels. We made use of such products in undergraduate and graduate programs.

In addition, we got help with diverse lab reports, research projects, case studies, math homework, critical analyses and physics problem sets, at both levels: undergraduate and graduate

Got assistance with theses and even dissertation, certainly not many providers can offer such MyPaperWriter features.

  • Professional/Career Writing Assistance
  • Resumes that were well crafted and got us much progress.
  • The company offers CV’s for users advancing into higher education and research.

During school time we never had need for copywriting services but now one of us has ventured in business and has got assistance from this company with the following:

  • Website design, including graphics and great media
  • Website content that is compelling and entertaining
  • Content marketing strategy to carve him a business niche.
  • Set up of a blog and blog postings all integrated to social media forums.

As business continues to grow, it will be incumbent upon him to continue engaging this company. Further MyPaperWriter testimonials published on the company site applaud the company for its exceptional copywriting service.

Business Writing Needs

We had not experienced this kind of service but through My Paper Writer reviews we got a positive mention of the company. Satisfied customers are grateful for the company’s reports, white papers, manuals, written proposals, et cetera.

The Quality is Definitely There

Throughout our college life we got all our writing products from this company we got thrilled by this company as a result of the following:

  • All instructions are adhered to.
  • We could engage our writers in real time; this ensured our concerns got addressed.
  • Writers are qualified mostly with Master’s and PhD’s, with a good command of fashioning out tamper proof scholarly research writing.
  • We enjoyed unlimited free revisions.
  • We got good grades on all assignments that were handled by this company.
  • The Service is incomparable

We found out other My Paper Writer benefits to include top notch customer service. All our concerns were addressed and could contact the company 24/7. What surprised us in a good way, is as follows:

Lots of communication with its customers – unheard of elsewhere!

  • Ensured we are gratified
  • Timely feedback on service rendered
  • Kudos for Security and Privacy

Confidentiality and privacy policy here never got us worried at MyPaperWriter. We got assurances that our information will never fall into the hands of third parties and gladly never did.

We often had butterflies when working with other providers on payment methods; this has never been our concern ever since we started working with My Paper Writer. All major credit cards, PayPal, wire transfers are used and the platform is highly secured by a third party.

Now, as to My Paper Writer Prices

Certainly their services don’t come cheap, however, if cost is your concern, there are providers who are cheap but their service is of poor quality. MyPaperWriter prices are fair, the company has to strike a balance between happy customers and writers. We had to break our banks but services we got is exceptionally good.

MyPaperWriter Review

Wrap Up


  • 9.2/10
  • 9.8/10
  • 9.9/10
  • 10/10
  • 8.9/10


  • 24/7 Customer Support Assistance
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • All types of services
  • Free plagiarism report


  • No UK toll free numbers

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  • sclera August 8, 2016 at 8:50 am

    There is also a great discount plan. We have been customers for quite a while now, so we have a permanent 15% discount on anything we may order.

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